Flemish Giant Rabbits - The Ultimate Guide Home & Roost Giant Rabbit Playing With Dog - YouTube Meet Guus, A 22lb Rabbit That Draws Attention Not Only For His Size, But Also His Do.

Guus the flemish giant

(i) Fancy varieties Angora, the Dutch, the English, the Himalayan, the Polish and the Netherland Dwarf. ankou catacombs of kourend10K Likes, 128 Comments - Guus (guustheflemishgiant) on Instagram "G O T C H A Cat and Bun play reuzekonijn flemishgiantrabbit bunnylove cutebunny. transplanting button bush

Ohio, United States. . . Guus (guustheflemishgiant) B I R T H D A Y This handsome boy turned 3 years old today he even got a lovely drawing from his neighbor Lux .

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This beautiful Flemish rabbit lives in.

But he is not your usual rabbit.


. comguustheflemishgiantrabbits bekind. Hes a cheeky Flemish Big who lives in Amsterdam and likes to play. I never thought bunnies were that smart or cute.

. . The breeding-quality Flemish Giant can cost up to 50 to 100.

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Guus is ready for his appointments.

. Guus is more like a dog than a bunny, according to his humans.

And in at the moments article, we need to introduce you to a REALLY huge cutie Guus the large Flemish. Posts.


The breeding-quality Flemish Giant can cost up to 50 to 100. On average, they weigh about 15 pounds and measure 2.


guustheflemishgiant A good head rub or cuddle is something he really likes.

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According to his human Danielle, this adorable fluff ball from Amsterdam. It was bred as early as the 16th century near the city of Ghent, Belgium. . By.

guustheflemishgiant Also during the day, he loves to jump next to you on the couch and seeks attention. 22 Views. On the other hand, the bucks average 13 pounds in weight. The Flemish Giant originated in Flanders.

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He jumps. 4K followers. Dogs are our resident cuddly animals that like to play fetch and walk around on a.

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Guus on Instagram H U G the Best Big Buns hugs Oh and its Friday reuzekonijn flemishgiantrabbit bunnylove cutebunny happybunny apple.

guustheflemishgiant "Every day is a blessing. When this lady first acquired her bunny, Guus, she by no means knew how a lot of an enormous love bug he was going to be. by intylife.

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When I was young I grew up with dogs.

Weighing in at more than 22 pounds, Guus isn't your typical bunny. May 18, 2023 3,219 likes, 42 comments - Guus (guustheflemishgiant) on Instagram "T R E A T S The weekend has started. " Guus on Instagram "T R E A T S The weekend has started. Unlike a kittycat or perhaps a young puppy, bunnies.