Best m42 wide angle lenses reddit

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. I&39;d like each to be as fast, sharp, and contrasty as possible. . .

Jan 15, 2010 As a manual lens user, I&39;d recomment modern AF lens for wide-angle shooting.


In essence, buying an M42 is more or less going through.

It wouldn&39;t necessarily have to be a screw-mount, but I already have a Fotodiox M42 adapter that I use for my Super Takumar lenses -- a 55mm and a 135mm.

The 7-14mm f4 is more than twice your budged (used), but there always is the good old 12-32mm f3.


Does anyone have any recommendations for wide angle (<20mm) FE lenses for sony full frame I know the APSC E mount lenses will fit but then I have to apply the crop factor and I dont want to do that. I&39;d like each to be as fast, sharp, and contrasty as possible. this is how it comes out if you use the 35mm lens on its own. .

for wide angle (<20mm) FE lenses for sony full frame. . .

Great for your M42 set up.
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8 GM, new favorite lens.

Happy for any tips If you have a hot tip for a lens which isn&39;t m42 please drop it anyways even though I&39;m mainly searching for m42 lenses. Rounding this up to 15 of additional costs per lens, to me its still quite affordable compared to other set of cine lenses.

. 4 and 581.


5 is my next M42 target but it is spendy. Jan 31, 2018 Most probably those Voigtlnder lenses are the best M42 ones available.

For 20mm there are more options, with the Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 202.


It's expensive and there are better lenses out there.

. very good wide angle m42 lens is Carl Zeiss Flektogon 202. . View community ranking In the Top 1 of largest communities on Reddit.

Aug 2, 2017 So, roughly 10 per gear ring, 1 per step up ring, 1 per front cap, 1 per EF adapter and another 1 per rear cap. . Nov 25, 2019 The Mamiya-Sekor 551. 5 is my next M42 target but it is spendy.

I don't.

. Wide angle lenses for sony FE. .

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Apr 15, 2019 35mm is the go-to focal length for traditional 35mm street photography and is wide enough for many landscapes and cityscapes.

Four M42 variants with 22xxxx serials are listed in this blog - M12, M13 (pics 3, 4), M14, M15; M21 is almost certainly also one but doesn't have the 22xxx serial, and there is one K mount - K14 (similar pic 1 - konica mount). Best wide angle lenses for M42. Jul 30, 2019 Did any lens manufacturer make a wide angle lens in the 18mm or so (24 to 28mm FF equivalent) range I would like to get one for my Fuji XT-2.